I worry about the health of people like Pauline Hanson, Peta Credlin, Alan Jones and our other RWNJs, I really do, because they are so often sick. They complain about it all the time. Not only are they sick, but they are tired; in fact frequently both sick and tired. Sometimes even sick to death! 

I suspect it’s something they ate, they admit themselves that they’ve had a gutful. Maybe they just ate too much, like when they tell us they’re fed up, often to the point of being fed up to the back teeth. 

They must know something’s wrong, they say themselves that they’ve had just about as much as they can take. And they’re clearly measuring their own intake, because they know when they’ve had it up to here.

Sick and tired, sick to death, had it up to here, had a gutful, fed up to the back teeth… these are not signs of a healthy organism.

I hope they feel better soon, I really do, it’s not a mood you want a person to go out and vote in.


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      • I call bullshit. This so-called “person” has clearly never spoken actual Latin with an actual native Latin speaker in their life. If you walked down the streets of Roma saying things like “Latina est lingua horrida,” they would throw rocks at you. Quite rightly.


    • No can do, Jane. We’ve tried deleting, overwriting, copypasting a blank white square over it… I think the bloody thing is here to stay.
      Our editorial director is currently scrubbing at it with Ajax powder & steel wool, and the dimwitted work-experience kid is standing by with some industrial grade solvent he knicked from the hitman’s office across the hall, but so far it just won’t come out.

      We’d be grateful for any recommendations. Our HR manager Alice and Bob the temp headline writer, have had the same problem as you—splitting migraines. And we’ve had to send them both off to Hayman Island for 2 weeks on full pay to prevent them suing for workers comp, so it’s proving to be a very expensive mistake, posting that photo. Plus now I have to buy the hitman lunch, and she likes her tucker, that one. Bob, Alice, if you’re reading this, please come home. The bank won’t let me cancel your credit card and we don’t have any of those biscuits Kit really likes left. All is forgiven.

      If anyone’s got any advice about how to get photos of nasty headache-inducing politicians off of nice clean websites, please drop them in the comments section below; there’s a free baby panda video in it for the best suggestion.

      The Editor

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  1. By god, you’re right, she’s come down with something again. Seems it’s being called a racist and being treated as a second class citizen in her own country thats making Poorline so poorly. Perhaps we could take up a collection and send her off for a nice holiday in another country so she can get called a racist there instead.

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