Здравствуйте, Comrades!

Welcome to Quaerentem, the internet’s newest secret underground revolution-organising site, I mean criminal communist consortium, I mean, women’s fashion blog.
Any day now we will be posting actual content on here and rattling the Tip Jar. No, really. Stay tuned.

We — the editors and content producers — are a collective of dole-rorting anarchistic activists/stroke/professional political protesters, funded by George Soros to spread leftism, feminazism, and sjwanarchism throughout the White Capitalist West, with malice aforethought.
We hate America, are racist towards white people, and take it up the butt for Islam while blithely ignoring their treatment of gays and women (which treatment is homogeneous across all Muslim nations, don’t let libtards tell you otherwise).
Our aim is to bring down all the social institutions of Western Civilisation, particularly those involving men. (men, ewww)
Those of us who are men, are beta cucks who pretend to support feminism in order to bonk feminists. (feminists, ewww)
Those of us who are not-men are misandrists (yes it’s a thing, unlike mansplaining), with hairy legs and lippy attitudes, prone to hysterical ranting (did you know ‘hysteria’ literally means ‘bad women’s plumbing’? it’s true, look it up) and too ugly to rape. (women’s plumbing, triple ewww)

Sometimes, some of us publish serious journalism elsewhere under a variety of false names, and may be bribed blackmailed coerced prevented at gunpoint from convinced to do so here.
Others write fiction and poetry and are touchingly unshamed to admit it. We promise to keep that type safely contained in The Storyhouse.
Excitingly, we have just taken delivery of a cartoonist, but the SWAT team ordered us to keep her in her cage until the horse tranquilisers take effect. It was all an unfortunate misunderstanding, really, we’re still hoping we can keep her.
And Sport. There Will Be Sport. Most excellent analyses thereof. Tip-Jar-ready stuff.

Our original raison d’etre was to build a place for the Answering of Questions, so if you have any, bring them to TAOQUEST in the top left corner, to the ENQUIRE WITHIN UPON ANYTHING section, or to any comments box and let us at ’em. We go nuts for a good question, just crazy about ’em, and we hope soon they’ll be all over the place like a madwoman’s breakfast. Stay tuned.

We question, we smoke, and we bite. Approach With Caution.

Thank you Reader-persons. The Tip Jar & Patreon account, which will keep us in unaccustomed luxury in our old ages, will be set in place as soon as we know it is safe to let the Lady Cartoonist & the Work Experience kid out of the Cage. She’s barking mad and he’s as dumb as a box of rocks so we don’t trust them around money. Ourselves, though, oh yes. Implicitly.

P.S. could somebody please inform Mister Soros that he is our patron and employer? He owes us for several decades of unpaid protesting.

Ahah! Found a way to cadge for spare change.
If you are comfortable and relaxed to see us die tragically from the lack of affordable coffee in our lives, please ignore the following link:

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